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There’s no secret rule, no unspoken of hidden passages or tricks, and there’s no politics, red carpet rolled out or silver spoon given out at birth in order to obtain a goal. But what there is, what has been researched and found to be tried & true, is a clear-cut way to succeed in any category, any endeavor and any journey, and that’s simply working hard and staying consistent. That’s it. But as easy as it is to say such a thing and make it rather trivial, it’s much deeper than that. It’s much harder to practice and much more difficult than what those simple words may let on. The number one obstacle I’ve encountered from all walks of life on this journey to maintain a healthy & fit lifestyle is there seems to be an overwhelming lack of motivation. I’m going to briefly touch on some of the things I’ve noticed I’ve struggled with and others have with being able to not only get started, but to continue on their path.


Starting. That’s LITERALLY over half the battle. The average American adult (male and female) has what seems to be an innate want to procrastinate, almost as if we’re pre-genetically disposed to not wanting to do the right thing at even the most convenient times. We always find a way to make an excuse why we won’t or can’t do something or we put off on doing it to a later date (inevitably delaying it to the point where it never gets done). This doesn’t apply to just getting up and going to the gym, preparing meals, or even taking a walk outside…it applies to all walks of life. And you know what? The people who are the most successful in their craft look FORWARD to starting. Starting a new task, starting a new week, starting that thing that may seem on the outside as a challenging obstacle.


You see, there’s a snowball effect that takes place once you take that first step, and there’s a word that sums up what is quickly gathered as you begin something, momentum. Momentum takes you to that second step after the first, making it easier & easier as if you were born to take the steps along your path to the finish line. Your body, your mind, even your emotions literally adapt to what you’re setting out on. I’m not here to lie or act like I’m some motivational guru that never has issues or problems with getting the ball rolling on things, I too struggle some days to get out of bed, to get to the gym, to prep my meals…some days I even struggle to start eating my meals. But what I’ve found to lean on and motivate me is envisioning my victory lap. Envisioning the end result, envisioning where I ultimately want to end up at and look back saying, I did that. I did that.

Being in the bodybuilding aspect of fitness, it’s not easy to look at the big picture sometimes. For any given competition, us bodybuilders are on prep for 12-16 weeks. And what does that entail? That is literally 3-4 months of hard-core dieting, spending two-three hours at the gym a day, doing countless hours of cardio & strength-training and giving up some of the foods and sweets your heart desires, daily. Sounds fun, right? Nah. But you know what, it’s worth it. In doing such a thing as extreme as bodybuilding or even just living a healthy lifestyle in general, it builds character. It develops a determination, consistency and perseverance more than anything one can do in their life. And knowing you’re going through the struggle, knowing you’re pushing through the pain, knowing you have overcome hardships, understanding the journey from the starting point to the end, it’s a feeling that can’t be quantified, it’s a satisfaction that can’t be conveyed in just words. It’s a euphoric feeling.

I live by a mantra of WBOW. WBOW, when I started pushing it means Won’t Be Out-Worked. I have to live by it, I have to step into the gym each & every day with the mentality that nobody is going to outwork me, I have to look at my meals that sometimes I don’t want to eat or maybe want to opt out for a cheat meal as if that nobody will prep & diet harder than me. It’s a WANT to work hard, it’s a WANT to be better than your competition, and with that said, your biggest competition is you; the old you. You have to have a never-satisfying itch to be better tomorrow than you are today. Whether it’s at work, in the gym, with your significant other, etc. in all aspects of your life you have to have it. Once you START (back to that five-letter word) engulfing yourself with that, the momentum carries you in ways you wouldn’t and couldn’t even begin to fathom.


Everybody has the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year. We all were born with an equal advantage (given slavery having ended & all) with the opportunity to utilize our time and prioritize what matters most to us. So do so. Make becoming a better person at the top of your priorities, make achieving your goals (not just as an individual, but families make goals as well) at the top of your To-Do List, and most importantly…START. Start today. Don’t wait for Jan. 1, don’t wait for next Monday, don’t wait for the beginning of some arbitrary time, start now because the only thing holding you back from being the best you that you can be is you.

Author: Terrance Millen

Terrance M. is a former collegiate athlete, and current national-level men’s physique
athlete, fitness enthusiast, and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of one of the top
bodybuilding teams in Michigan, Savage Squad, and co-owner & founder of Washed
And Aesthetic, a premier headwear line. Terrance also has been a guest blogger on
numerous sites including, most notably, His unwavering passion for fitness,
hard work, health & nutrition has led him to promote his brand and motto, WBOW,
through all avenues and outlets of social media. You can find Terrance on social
networks, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, under the username ‘itsoneten’.

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