Flirting 101 (how to flirt with a woman)

Flirting is a tool that men should have in their pocket. It is a game played between two people to show that they are interested in one another. Now before you get all high and mighty and say something to the effect of  “I’m a grown man, I don’t have time for games;”  in an article in Psychology Today, psychologist, Steven W. Gangestad, Ph.D. stated that flirting enhances attraction. So if you want her to be more attracted to you, here are some tips to help you flirt.


Subtle Touch

One flirting technique is to touch her for a couple of seconds on her arm or shoulder.  She can’t ignore it, and it triggers her to begin to pay attention to more cues. Here’s the thing, most women underestimate how interested a man is in her. She often thinks that he’s just being friendly. Therefore touch, even for a few seconds, is stimulating and indicates that you are interested in her, which peaks her interest and starts the evaluating process to see if you would be a suitable mate.  A 2004 study proves the power of touch. Men on the street asked women for their number and half of the men touched the woman’s forearm for one second and the second half did not touch the woman at all. This study showed that the men who touched the woman’s forearm were more successful in getting their number than the men who did not touch the women at all. So add a little contact.  And while we’re talking about contact…

Eye Contact

Stare into the other person’s eyes. It sounds like the absolute scariest thing in the world. But a study showed that when unacquainted heterosexual couples stared into each other’s eyes there was a higher report of feeling affectionate towards each other compared to those who stared at the other person’s hands. So when you speak to her, make sure you look into her eyes. 


Be confident

There is something about a confident man that is so appealing. Another study showed that women found men with a prideful expression on their face more attractive, while men found women with a happy expression on their face more attractive. (There are a lot of studies in this article. Oh well, I want to make sure you have the facts.)


Get Past the Small Talk

Ask her questions about herself and try to get past the small talk. Yet another study found that people who discussed deeper questions felt that they were closely bonded. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. It’s their favorite subject, allowing her to talk about herself and her beliefs will make her feel more connected to you.


Make her Laugh

Maybe this isn’t for everyone. If you’re not funny and tend to run on the corny side(you know, you have to explain a joke several times before your friends crack a smile),  then I would advise against this one. There is nothing worse than a guy trying too hard. But if you’re humorous, then use this to your advantage. I’ve seen it work hundreds of times.  Some ways to get her to laugh is to playfully tease her. Come up with a cute little nickname for her. Make fun of something that she said (NOT about the way she looks in any way, shape or form)  without offending her or dwelling on it too long. You can ruin a good moment by not knowing when to let a joke die. Furthermore, laughing lowers her defenses and is a good segway for the next tip…

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Give her a Sincere Compliment

Find something that you sincerely like or find attractive about her (besides her booty)and tell her. This is NOT  a pick-up line where you tell every girl you’re attracted to, “I love your eyes.” Be sincere. Find something that you genuinely like about her. Every woman wants to be admired, and be differentiated from other women.


I hope that you find these flirting tips (and a whole bunch of study results) helpful and that you get noticed today.



Author: Christal Anderson

Ms. Christal Anderson, the Creative Director/Designer and Owner, was inspired to create the Mr. Notice Collection by her family: her father, the late Richard A. Notice, from whom she credits her integrity, values, sage advice and style; her mother, Wendy D. Urquhart-Notice, her creative muse; and her cousin, Nicole C. Brown, herself a successful entrepreneur and brand development executive, from whom her business and fashion advice proved invaluable. A graduate of Andrews University, MI, having received her B.A. in English/Creative Writing, Christal is the proud wife of Avery Anderson and mother to Eden Amelia-Rae and Matea Kieli. Though life has sometimes been challenging, she takes the lemons and makes lemonade. Welcome to her Lemonade Stand!

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